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Q.What is mustard drawing?

It’s a free painting campaign for people who are against racism. It started in 2015. The reason why the name of the campaign and the color is mustard is because of my name.

Q.Why is your name Mustard?

In fact, for Asians, yellow seems to be a negative idea of racism. I’d like to change that idea into a positive one. It’s not right to separate and tease. Nor is it good for a wonderful color called yellow to be mocked. because every color in the world is beautiful.

Q.I’d like to get a Mustard Drawing!

Please email me your Instagram account ID.

You must have a suitable photo in your account for drawing. Currently, Secret accounts are not supported.

This is a lottery system. But, You can get it right away through sponsorship. check it out

(Part of the drawing proceeds will be donated.)

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